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Employee Spotlight - Chris


Monday, 26 February 2018
Employee Spotlight - Chris

Chris joined us late last year, joining our in-house development team as a full-stack software developer. He's been working on a number of internal and external products, implementing new features and making useful improvements to our offering.

With GDPR around the corner, one of the major projects has been getting our new preference centre ready which will allow visitors to better manage their preferences. However, it's not just new things that Chris has been working on, he's already improved a number of our current products including JET Reporting, which, with JET Enter (our front-of-house scanning app) now almost ready, means the dashboard will include live attendance reporting. He's updated the validation on our JET Forms, enforcing our view that we are currently offering the best registration form validation in the industry - our forms ensure only the correct type of data is being entered in each field. Finally, with the latest version of the Engage Scanner including the addition of photos and voice recordings, the Exhibitor Dashboard needed to store and show these, something with Chris' help, it now does.

So, that's enough about what he's done, let's find out a bit more about Chris...

What brought you to JET?
After a variety of roles in the web industry over the last 20 years, I was after a small friendly company (albeit with the backing of a larger software company), which I've found.

What have been your impressions of the events industry?
The sheer variety of events, but the most amazing thing is how seasonal the events industry is.

If you were going to run an event, what would it be?
Probably something to do with music

First song bought?
Oddly, not that embarrassing. 'Heart of Glass' by Blondie. Still got it somewhere.

The song you’d sing at karaoke?
Being tone deaf, the likelihood of that happening is slim! If pushed maybe 'Do I love You' by Frank Wilson.

Worst job you’ve had (hopefully not this one ;) )?
A milk round as a kid. The 5am starts were not the best.

Favourite Film?
The Godfather Part II. One of the only sequels better than the original.

Who would play you in a movie?
Danny Devito ;-)

Favourite Food?
Anything with chillies in. Probably a curry.

Favourite Drink?
A decent COLD beer (all beer should be served cold).

Favourite Holiday/Place to go on holiday?
A Greek Island

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Reading, walking, listening to music, spending time with the family and watching pretty much any sport.

What one thing could you never give up?

Your biggest achievement?
I know its clichéd, but I would definitely say my kids.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I was in the film "Chariots of Fire" (along with about 3000 other people , ha!)

If you think you'd be a great fit like Chris, and are interested in joining our team, please check out our careers page for the latest vacancies

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