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Engage Scanner

I’ve ordered Engage Scanner and I need some assistance…

No problem, have a look at our user guide and have a read of our frequently asked questions. If neither of these provide the answer you are looking for, please contact us on our dedicated support line – 01865 520152.

Handheld Scanner

I’ve ordered the Handheld Scanner and I need some assistance…

Check out our user guide and have a read of the frequently asked questions. If this doesn’t help, give our dedicated support line a call on 01865 520152.

Our Services

Event Staffing

Can we supply event staff?

Of course, we have a number of onsite event managers with years of experience at both large-scale exhibitions (trade and consumer) and smaller complex conferences, backed up by staff from agencies specialising in event registration with which we have excellent relationships built upon trust and reliability. Find out more about our event staffing.

The Events Industry

What is event registration?

Event registration is simply the process in which an individual follows to register their details, receive their ticket or badge and attend an event. Here’s a post to answer that question in much more detail… what is event registration?