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If you run an event, getting people registered and through the door is critical to its success.

Jonas Event Technology offer the products and services that provide the best registration experience for event organisers and their attendees.

The result? A streamlined visitor journey and happy attendees.

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So…. what is event registration?

Ok so here we go….Let’s start with a question, what is the objective of an event?

No matter what the event is the objective remains the same, to bring people together at a set location and time, so they can build relationships and share ideas / knowledge. Without people, an event is impossible meaning the number one priority of an event marketeer is to ensure they maximise the number of visitor registrants by producing engaging content that captivates the individual to prompt them to register to said event. This being said the marketing team need the tools (software) and fuel (data) to make this possible. Easy eh? Nothings ever easy, but it can be made easier by having solid foundations and well-planned processes which, in turn, can increase the rates of success dramatically.

Event registration is simply the process in which an individual follows to record their details, so they can attend an event. This usually involves specific event registration software and there are many different solutions available for event organisers to choose from, making it imperative to work with a trusted partner as a complicated or dysfunctional registration process can drastically affect the number of registrants and therefore the success of the event. Getting this process right is therefore critical and by considering some of the following points and, in some cases, changing the mindset from ‘this is how we have always done things’ to ‘how can we improve the way we do things’ can really help improve success rates. 

Let’s put ourselves in a visitor’s shoes for a moment. Right, I want to attend, how can I register?


A visitor, in most cases, will register to an event via a link on the event website. This, again in most cases, leads through to a registration form. The registration form itself is a critically important part of the registration process for two reasons; firstly a dysfunctional longwinded registration form can put an individual off completing the registration process thus increasing abandoned registrations rates and secondly; this is where you capture the data you require allowing you to create targeted, personalised marketing content for individuals based on their responses which can in turn, increase your registration to attendee conversion rates while allowing you to understand your audience and what interests them. Not only this, if you are clever with your data and track the responses from visitors over time, you can use this data to understand your audience, which again will be used in your marketing campaigns to increase year on year visitor registrations. 

You need your visitors stay engaged throughout the registration process which can be achieved by removing long winded registration forms with too many questions as this can disengage the visitor reducing the quality of the data they input into the forms (they may just end up choosing the first answer of each question just to get the process over quickly). I have recently spoken with a number of event organisers and the majority of the answers from the registration forms are not even tracked over time or used in marketing campaigns and are filed away into a folder that no-one wants to delete as it may be useful one day in the future! A day that, in all likelihood, is never going to come! Your registration form needs to be thought about carefully and planned out, ensuring the questions you ask cover only the information you are going to use in your marketing campaigns and for year on year analysis purposes. A thought-out form will provide you with all the information you need to provide high quality data while keeping the visitor engaged throughout the process.

Data Management

Data Management is therefore an essential part of the registration process, from an internal perspective, as great data leads to great marketing campaigns. Being able to report on data is also critical. For example, reporting on the time and date of registrations and checking whether these followed shortly after a marketing campaign is extremely beneficial. Of course this is just one way of tracking registrations, and tracked links can give an even greater insight into the process your visitors took to register.

Tickets and Badges

Selecting your ticketing and badging options is also extremely important and shouldn’t be considered a light-hearted task. There are multiple options available such as PDF Tickets, pre-printed badges, postal tickets, collect onsite… all of which may be suitable or unsuitable for your event. The visitor journey onsite should be considered carefully as the last thing you want is a long trail of visitors waiting to get into the event because the wrong ticketing/badging option was selected. Using previous onsite data and your registration partners experience will allow you to select the most appropriate ticketing/badging method for your audience. 

Finally, having an experienced onsite registration team, coupled with robust software and technology, to manage visitors arriving to collect badges/scan tickets/ register onsite, is essential. This can range from manned to self-service registration systems and badging terminals set-up and positioned correctly to manage visitor flow again calculated using previous data and the experience of your event registration partner.

Jonas Event Technology are an award winning provider of event registration at trade exhibitions, consumer events and conferences. They remove the stress of event registration and provide the best registration experience for event organisers and their attendees.

JET can provide onsite staffing and systems, badging and ticketing, registration forms, exhibitor lead capture, data storage, marketing services and more.

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