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The Ultimate Guide - Onsite Registration - Hardware


Wednesday, 17 November 2021
The Ultimate Guide - Onsite Registration - Hardware

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - Onsite Registration - Hardware

Onsite Registration Services

There are many different onsite registration options available depending upon the requirements of your event. The following section covers the basics to give you an insight into the hardware and staffing options available so you can see what a standard trade show event would consist of.


The onsite hardware required at your event will depend entirely on your badging options and also the number of attendees expected per day of your event. An event that, for example, has pre-printed badges will obviously require less onsite badge printing terminals compared to a conference opting to print badges onsite.

This section details the onsite badging and registration terminal options available for event organisers and how they couple with the badging options discussed previously. 

Onsite Terminals

There are different types of badging and registration terminals available for use onsite at your event. These fall into the following categories:

  • Self-service onsite registration
  • Staffed onsite registration
  • Query terminals 
  • Badge collection terminals (Staffed and Self-Collect)
  • Exhibitor registration terminals

Self-Service Onsite Registrations 

Visitors who arrive at your event without pre-registering will need to submit their details to you and collect their badge. This can at either a staffed terminal or at a self-serve registration terminal onsite. Upon submitting their details, a badge will be printed for the visitor to collect and attach to a lanyard. 

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Staff Query and Customer Service Terminals

In an instance where a visitor forgets their PDF badge and also the confirmation email, they can then visit a staff query terminal allowing a secure retrieval of their registration details for a badge to be printed. A staff query desk also assists with any customer service enquiries, onsite payments where required, and the option to vet visitors arriving and registering onsite. 

Badge Collection Terminals

Badge collection terminals are used when PDF badges haven’t been used and visitors are sent a confirmation email to collect their badge onsite when they arrive. Within their confirmation email they will have a barcode that can be scanned at the badge collection terminal, or they can opt to submit their reference number, allowing for their badge to be printed.

Exhibitor Badge Collection Terminals

Exhibitors who have registered for your event can access their exhibitor badges onsite at dedicated exhibitor badging terminals set-up on build up day and throughout the event. This means exhibitors and visitors collect badges separately meaning there is no confusion with badge types onsite. 

Front of House Scanning

As all badges will be barcoded, attendees will be scanned into the event allowing for critical attendee data to be recorded for analysis post event (covered in the reporting section later in this guide). Depending on the scanner type this data can either be uploaded throughout the day or, if available, real-time front of house scanning can be used to track attendees entering your event in real time. 

Seminar Scanning

If your event has seminar sessions individuals can be scanned into each session providing you with the details of each visitor who attended the session. There are other options available such as pre-loading scanners with the approved list of attendees for each session with the ability to override with new guests when required.  

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