Are you organising a growing event? Scale your event registration with Jonas Event Technology

Are you organising a growing event? Scale your event registration with Jonas Event Technology

Picture this (maybe you don’t have to): you are an organiser planning a new event. In your first year of running the event, you have a small number of attendees who need to be registered, badged and let through the doors, so you decide to do the registration in-house. Over time, your event becomes more popular (excellent!). It gains the attention of double the attendees until there is such a high demand that your team finds it difficult to handle registration on top of other responsibilities. A nice problem to have, but what do you do?

Challenges of Scaling Up

While it’s great to see your event gaining traction, scaling up brings its own set of challenges for your team. With increased demand, you’ll need to ramp up logistics, administrative tasks, and budget allocations to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a smaller event, registration can be done with fewer resources, which makes it easier to do in-house. On the event day, badges can be printed using a printer or even written out manually. You could also have pre-printed badges that can be collected on the day. This can be a good choice, however, a misspelt name or last-minute attendance can throw a spanner in the works and cause delays that affect your attendees’ registration experience. Organising attendee information can be done with a basic spreadsheet and attendees can queue up and tick their names off the guest list to enter. However, when your small group of attendees turns into hundreds or thousands, this approach won’t be effective and your attendees will have to stand in line to be let in, affecting their event experience before they even enter. To ensure that a bigger event runs smoothly, it is vital to have all the components of registration sorted out beforehand to ensure your attendees aren’t waiting around to enter on the day. This is where an event registration company like JET comes in.

JETs help with brightonSEO’s Growing Event

We did this for one of our clients, brightonSEO, who had a similar experience. What began as a modest event held in a room above a pub gradually evolved into a large-scale gathering, attracting thousands of attendees. brightonSEO kept growing and eventually, their in-house team couldn’t keep up with the increased attraction the event received. The team wanted to focus on other aspects of their event while all aspects of registration were taken care of by a reliable, professional company. This is why they decided to use our services to ensure they could handle the scaling up of their event. We continue to provide the brightonSEO team with badging and registration, pre-event email marketing, and exhibitor scanning for lead generation. It’s been great seeing them go from success to success and they have now launched an event in the US!

Scale Event Registration

“We’ve worked with JET for a few years now, since we realised that we couldn’t handle that process ourselves in-house as the events been growing and getting bigger and bigger. JET now handles all of our badging and registration, our pre-arrival comms, and our exhibitor scanning for lead generation. They also provide us with the data we need; like who is coming to the conference, when our busy periods are and who attended some of our stages.”

Jo Walters


JET’s Event Experience

At JET we specialise in providing our clients with streamlined event registration solutions, covering everything from registration forms to lead capture and onsite badging, ensuring your event organising experience is as stress-free as possible. With extensive experience in the events industry, we have worked with numerous events worldwide, including tradeshows, conferences, and exhibitions.

We also pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide, thanks to our dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure all your registration needs are met leading up to the event. Our commitment to this cause has earned us an impressive NPS score of 67, placing us in the excellent category for client satisfaction. Additionally, we offer an onsite team comprised of knowledgeable and professional staff, along with an onsite manager. This team oversees the build-up day and manages the registration process on the event days, allowing you and your team to focus on other important aspects of the event.

brightonSEO is not the only client of ours that has made the transition from in-house to outsourced event registration. We have also worked with many other events to ensure that their registration could keep up with high demand. As a registration solution supplier, we understand how important it is that the event runs smoothly and the event registration plays a big role in that. So why not get in touch with us today to discuss how JET can help take the stress out of event registration for your growing event?

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