JET’s Latest Product Updates – March 2024

Mar 13, 2024 | Product

We’re rolling out some new features to make organising and attending events easier and more connected. Dive in to see the latest updates from our R&D team!

Our Event App Partnership and Webinar

We’ve got some exciting news! As a result of our recent collaboration with a soon-to-be-revealed, industry-leading app provider, we are holding a webinar on the 26th of March at 11 am for our new event app integration that is set to launch in April. To find out more about our partnership and preferential pricing, sign up for the webinar.

Digital Wallet Tickets

This month, we introduced Digital Tickets, a new fulfilment method that lets visitors download and store their tickets in their digital iOS or Android wallets. The digital tickets can now be downloaded straight from the confirmation page.

Add the free LinkedIn Community Builder Integration to your Registration Forms

Thanks to our partnership with LinkedIn, we can now include the LinkedIn Community Builder feature in our forms – free of charge! To use this feature, you will need to set up your LinkedIn event page, find out how to do it here. Once you’ve done so, let us know and we’ll add it to your form!

Following Best Practices – JET Connect Unsubscribe feature

If you’re a JET Connect user… Our JET Connect unsubscribe links officially follow the best practices of Google and Yahoo, due to their recent announcement. Google and Yahoo rolled out new requirements last month, stating that all bulk email senders (5,000+ emails daily) will need to have a one-click unsubscribe button. The unsubscribe link is only needed for ‘subscriptions’ such as email marketing and non-transactional messages like order confirmations. Since we have had these links in place for a while now, we are already ahead of the curve!

We have a ‘local unsubscribe’ or a ‘global unsubscribe’ link for users of JET Connect, both of which can be used in different circumstances.

Local unsubscribe will unsubscribe the email address from only the list used in the email campaign. They will not be set to ‘unsubscribe’ in any other lists in the system.

Global unsubscribe will unsubscribe the email address from all existing lists in your customer space. This means the email address will be blocked completely from any future emails.


Streamline your Attendees' Registration Experience with International Address Autofiller

We’ve made some updates to our registration forms, specifically to do with address lookup. Attendees can look up their postcode or a part of their address to speed up the process of entering their details during registration. This has been in place for the UK and is now available for addresses all around the world, using Google’s autofill to pull up the suggestions.


Get Ahead with 'Register Your Interest' Forms

You can now offer your audience the option to register their interest in your event. ‘Register Your Interest’ is a form that you can put on your events’ website after one event has finished so that attendees can pre-register for your next one, letting you get ahead of the curve by collecting valuable data in advance.

Simplify Attendee Data with 'Registered/Not Registered' Switch

We’ve added a drop-down menu feature to JET Data, allowing you to conveniently access both registered attendee data and non-registered attendee data. This data can be collected from ‘Register your Interest’ forms or other imported sources, making it easier for you to see all your data in one convenient place.

Stay tuned for more updates – we’re always working to bring you the best tools for your events.

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