Turn registrations into an engaged community for free with LinkedIn Community Builder

Turn registrations into an engaged community for free with LinkedIn Community Builder

We recently partnered with LinkedIn (becoming the first UK trade show registration company to do so) and are now able to offer you a great new feature: the ability to add LinkedIn Community Builder into your event registration forms. There’s a lot to know about this integration so we created this handy guide to fill you in on everything you need to know.
What is LinkedIn Community Builder integration?

LinkedIn Community Builder is a free feature that helps to increase event engagement. This is done by linking your LinkedIn event page with the event registration processes to help organisers like yourself build a stronger, more engaged event community and enhance the event experience for everyone.

How does it work with our registration forms?

By using the LinkedIn integration, you can offer your attendees a seamless way to join the event’s community on LinkedIn as soon as they sign up. Simply set up an event page, and we’ll add the LinkedIn Community Builder to your forms. After joining the community, attendees can see information about the event as well as see each other’s profiles, network and connect with each other.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn Community Builder?

1. Enhanced Engagement:
By joining the event page, attendees can interact with each other about the event by liking, sharing, commenting or even writing relevant content on the page. This can help build anticipation towards the event as well as keep attendees updated.

2. Networking: As attendees interact with the event page, they can connect with other attending professionals on the platform. This creates valuable connections that could extend beyond the event.

3. Boost Registration: The increased visibility and interaction on the event page not only keeps current attendees engaged but can also attract new ones. As the event gains traction, it will be more likely to reach a wider audience, potentially leading to a higher number of registrations for you as the organiser.

How to Set Up LinkedIn Community Builder

The LinkedIn and JET integration can be done in three easy steps:

1. Build: Set up the event page on the LinkedIn platform and start engaging with and building your community of attendees (here’s a guide from LinkedIn).

2. Grow your community with JET: Let us know your LinkedIn event page is all set up and we’ll join your LinkedIn event page to our JET Forms so attendees can easily join your professional community.

3. Activate: Establish brand ambassadors by inviting your exhibitors and speakers to join your event page, share it with their networks and publish event-related content on the platform.

LinkedIn Community Builder in Action

One of our clients wanted to boost their event engagement so, to help them with this request, we added the free LinkedIn Community Builder feature to their registration forms and it’s safe to say that the results speak for themselves.

LinkedIn Community Builder Registration Engagement

By using the integration, the event got…

  • 3,500 + views on their event page
  • With around 1,800 attendees joining the page
  • 2,700+ follows from attendees on the company page.
  • 74 event page reposts on attendees’ feeds, potentially reaching over 100,000 members on the platform
  • 50,000+ attendee interactions and connections
  • All resulting in a 17% increase in attendance compared to the previous year

Want to use this free integration for your event? Get in touch today.