Implementing Vetting Systems Into Your Event’s Registration

Apr 25, 2024 | Event Registration, Expertise

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onsite registration preview

Implementing Vetting Systems Into Your Event’s Registration

Apr 25, 2024 | Event Registration, Expertise

Have you ever thought about including an event vetting system for your next event? A vetting system can be a great way of streamlining your attendees and making sure your event caters to the right audience. Find out more about vetting systems, the benefits of using one and the types of vetting you can implement in your next event in this article.

What is a vetting system?

First things first, what is a vetting system? A vetting system is the process of accepting or rejecting an attendee depending on the answers given in their registration form and whether those answers match your event’s criteria.

Why is a vetting system needed and what are the benefits?

Having a vetting system in place for your event will ensure that your attendees are your target audience. There are two main benefits of using a vetting system, controlled attendance and enhanced attendee experience.

Controlled attendance can be a great solution for high-profile, exclusive or high-security events that need a specific selection of attendees to make the most of the event itself. Controlling attendance also improves networking opportunities, as both attendees and exhibitors are chosen based on shared interests or goals, leading to more meaningful exchanges at the event and therefore, enhancing your attendees’ event experience. 

How is an event vetting system put in place?

An event registration supplier like us can help you put a vetting system in place by incorporating it into your registration forms. Based on the answers that your attendees select, we can also let you know if they qualify for any particular status, program or special access.

Types of Registrations You Can Vet

  • Trade-Only Registrations: Perfect for events that are aimed solely for people in a certain industry, making the event relevant for your visitors and exhibitors
  • VIP Registrations: If you want to make elements of your event more exclusive by adding VIPs, you can add specific criteria to your registration forms to ensure the right people get VIP access
  • Press Registrations: This helps control which journalists or media people can get into and report for your event. A good option if you want a specific newspaper or magazine to cover your event
  • Hosted Buyer Programs: This type of vetting is to find out which registrant qualifies as a hosted buyer for your event. A hosted buyer is an individual with the necessary influence, standing, or qualifications to network with your event’s exhibitors in a way that will benefit your event in the long term.
Types of Vetting
  • Manual – The process of going through each registration yourself to check that they match your event’s specific criteria
  • Automated – Based on their answers during registration, attendees will be automatically approved or denied 

Automated vetting can include a scoring system. This means that specific demographic answers can hold ‘points’ and to qualify for a particular registration type, like Hosted Buyer, the attendee would need to score a certain amount of points from their answers.

Other than being approved or denied, attendees can also be put into different categories automatically, based on their answers. So, if a visitor doesn’t make the cut for a press pass, for example, they’ll be able to sign up as a normal attendee instead. Also, if a VIP category means getting a ticket for free, anyone not fitting into this group will be automatically and seamlessly sent to the page where they pay.


  • Hybrid – Attendees can be automatically approved or denied however, depending on the answers they give, can be manually approved or denied if they don’t fit in a specific category. For example, a blogger or influencer’s press registration could be dependent on their following so while other attendees can be vetted automatically, anyone who selects blogger/influencer will be referred back to the organiser for manual vetting.

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