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Online Event Registration

Our online event registration forms are responsive, flexible and feature built in validation.

From simple registration forms that collect contact details to more bespoke event registration including payment, seminars and limits - we can offer a solution for your event. 

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Data Validation

Our smart inbuilt data validation features ensure you get the quality data you need, including mandatory answers, conditional questioning, duplicate detection, phone number assistance and email validation. 


Whether you use our responsive template or your own, our forms will work on all desktops, tablets and phones.


Our forms are highly customisable and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the event - we are on hand to offer a solution.

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Template System

Give the visitor full submersion into your event by integrating our form into a template on your website. Alternatively use our template which is smart, secure and matched to your brand colours. 

Data Reporting

View your registration data, track where registrations are coming from and see where visitors are dropping out. 

Account Management

Your personal account manager will provide on-going support to ensure you make the most of the system.

Session Planner

How can my visitors book onto seminars?

If you have seminars, workshops or conference sessions at your event, you can choose to add-on our purpose built session planner.

Simple to Use

Our session planner clearly displays the sessions available, offering visitors all of the information at a glance and making the booking process extremely simple.

Smart System

Our session planner ensures that visitors do not book into clashing sessions and supports a limit system so sessions can be capped.

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Social Media Integration

How can I utilise social media?

We have partnered with GleanIn and InGo to provide social media integration that increases registration for your event.

Increase registrations

Visitors can register quickly with LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and seamlessly invite contacts and broadcast to social media channels.

Increase awareness

Highlight personal connections and see who is attending the event.

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How can I make sure the right people come?

Our approve/deny process allows you to make sure only the right people come to your event. 

Ease of use

Each registration can be easily identified and quickly reviewed on the receipt of a summary email. This keeps the approval process down to just one click.

Amend records

Alternatively, the records can be amended, added to and updated on a visitor information page - so keep track of more details including who approved the record and when.

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Payment Gateway

How can I take payment?

Whether you need to take payments for entry, seminars or anything else, we are able to integrate with all major payment providers.


Using our merchant account facility or linking to your own account (SagePay or Stripe) we are able to take revenue on your behalf.

Invoice creation

We can also create invoices which can be used to generate payment.

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"Consistently reliable and trustworthy service. They take the time to understand our business and requirements, and work with us to ensure the registration process fits seamlessly into our events."

Clare McSheaffrey - Head of Marketing and Events, CoSector Events