Event Technology Awards 2018 – We’ve been shortlisted!

Oct 15, 2018 | News

Best Visitor Registration Technology – JET Enter

This year, we launched the JET Enter system for exhibitions, moving door scanning on event registration to a real-time data model long sought after by organisers and earning a nomination for ‘Best Visitor Registration Technology’.

Traditionally, attendance statistics have been reported on at timed intervals throughout a day, and data on attendees was provided to organisers as a “snapshot” of that time slice, with extended information available post show. With an investment in hardware, software development and testing, Jonas Event Technology have now successfully deployed the system on a number of events, giving organisers access to their data and statistics.

The JET Enter app focused had a number of key objectives:

  • Speed – Scanning speed on busy events should be as fast as the use of a traditional barcode scanner
  • Flexibility – The system should be able to recognise both native and alien barcodes (from external ticket and registration providers – even an organiser’s own barcodes). Extended features such as
  • Digital Ticket Tearing (DTT) and real-time access control.
  • Accuracy – Data should be uploaded in real-time, for accurate up to the minute visitor tracking and statistics
  • Reliability – The system should not be dependent on a live connection or local network and have redundancy built in should connections become unavailable.

You can read a case study of how this was exactly what the organiser of The Business Show needed for their onsite registration.

Best Ticketing Technology – Engage Scanner

Our Engage Scanner app and accompanying handheld scanner solution has been re-purposed to deliver an exhibitor lead capture service to consumer events leading to our nomination for ‘Best Ticketing Technology’. Our lead capture app has been receiving rave reviews from exhibitors at trade shows since we launched the app in 2016, and was recently updated to include a few more useful features including the ability to take photos and record voice notes.

It was the seamless transition to consumer events that got us shortlisted for this award, with our technology and experience enabling exhibitors on consumer shows to safely, securely and with permission of the visitor capture data on customers and leads in the same way their trade event counterparts do. Improving ROI for exhibitors, making all interactions on the show floor into transactions and giving exhibitors better value for their time at the event.

This technology can even be used on events with multiple ticketing agents, as our technology can process ‘alien’ barcodes as our app has been rebuilt from the ground up to work with all tickets, not just those issued by Jonas Event Technology. Our data import and management services cater natively for organisers’ own tickets as well as any 3rd party barcoded passes. All this without compromising data security, duplicate detection and ticket validity checking.

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