Friday, 15 June 2018

The Business Show 2018

Event Information

The Business Show 2018
Venue: ExCeL, London
Event Type: Trade

Traditionally, attendance statistics have been reported on at timed intervals throughout a day, and data on attendees was provided to organisers as a ‘snapshot’ of that time slice, with extended information available post show.

When we were approached by Prysm Group, an existing client, to deliver an upgrade to their event registration software, we knew our new product would be just what was required. The key driver from the organiser for this change was to provide the sales teams onsite with intelligence on the quality of attendees in the hall at any point in time to allow them to better inform exhibitors as to the opportunities available from their stand space and aid re-booking of stands for future years.

    The Solution

    JET Enter
    The use of (the recently launched) JET Enter at The Business Show meant the organiser could not only know how many visitors were in a hall at any point in time, but also who they were and provide real-time information right down to campaign tracking level. The JET Enter product (part of our JET Onsite service) works on a synchronised basis with our JET Reporting system – the cloud based, secure organiser portal for event statistics – constantly updating our servers with information on visitor flow.

    “We wanted to know exactly who was coming through the doors of our live events in real-time. JET Enter has been amazing as we now know how many attendees are in the hall at all times, pick up on chronological patterns in visitor numbers, and are the first to know when a key player has arrived to the show. JET Enter is exactly what we were looking for.”

    Laura San Segundo

    Marketing Director, Prysm Group

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