Event Marketing Automation

Mar 21, 2019 | Event Marketing, Expertise

There is a lot of talk around AI and all the wonderful things it can do for us, but before the cyber revolution gets here, we take a look at some of the more basic ways event marketing automation can help us in the day-to-day.

Something that computers are good at is repetitive tasks.

We look at the fundamentals of the marketing manager and event manager roles to gain a sense of where these repetitive tasks come in to play. We then cook up ways to do this through our systems so that our event organisers can focus on the content and creativity of their events.

Some key areas that we focus on:

Pushing data around

Getting data in to and out of systems can be complex so automating this not only saves time but ensures accuracy.


During the event registration process we can send different or even multiple emails to your visitors. Examples here could be several different confirmations/electronic badges – one for the event, one for the awards or event dinner.

It can also send alerts or notifications to various team members – perhaps someone who is looking after a specific group of delegates or VIP visitors.

Understanding data

Understanding what all your data means is essential to making choices that will impact your event in positive ways. We remove the hassle of understanding your data using different charts that help bring the answers you need to the forefront.

Qualifying your visitors

If it is essential that your visitors only include those with specific credentials or fit a certain demographic. We use accept/deny systems that can automatically make decisions for you on a range of criteria. This cuts down the review list significantly.

Often we have found when talking to clients that they are unaware that our services can aid with items that they wouldn’t traditionally have thought an event registration company can help solve. Part of our service includes understanding not just the event registration requirements but the daily activities of the personnel that we work with and their teams.

If your data or reports go to other areas of the business can we improve the speed or accuracy of this communication?

Are other areas of your business using tools or services that require input from your event registration data?

It’s always worth spending a little time reviewing your own in-house practices and looking for ways to work smarter. Anything you do regularly can often be made easier with the help of technology. This should be looked at from a “big picture” point of view as often it is the inter-team work areas where things start to get a little inefficient. For example, how many times does exhibitor information get entered in to various systems? Registration, on-line manuals, sales team tools and so on. With a little bit of effort all these points can be dramatically reduced creating time for individuals in your business to focus on other tasks.

What do you do regularly that a machine can do for you? If you need help uncovering these aspects then give us a nudge. We’d be happy to help.

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