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The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - An Introduction


Tuesday, 04 February 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - An Introduction

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - An Introduction

The event industry, made up of events of all shapes and sizes, is worth around £42 billion to the UK economy and is growing year on year. Our ‘Ultimate Guide to Event Registration’ focuses primarily on the trade exhibition, consumer event and conference market and discusses the options available for event organisers and the things to consider when selecting your registration partner.

A section of the guide will be released on the blog once a month, but to get the whole guide right now, you can download it here.

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Part 1 - Who is this guide for?

So… what is event registration?

Event registration is the process in which an individual registers to attend an event and the journey in which they follow from initially submitting their details via your event registration form to arriving onsite at the venue. It’s worth noting at this point that an individual registering to attend an event and turning up on the day are two entirely different KPI’s and both are important metrics to track across each event.

Who is this guide for?

This guide has been created for event organisers of all shapes and sizes whether you run a one-day conference of 100 delegates or a trade and consumer show with 40,000+ visitors. Our guide will open your eyes to the advanced solutions available for event marketing teams to utilise throughout registration and explains how these tools can be used to streamline processes in order to firstly; improve the visitor journey and secondly; improve the quality of the data you gather from your audience. Whether you are new to the industry or are a seasoned professional; this guide is full of useful information, hints and tips for improving your registration process.

What’s in this guide?

For ease, our guide is broken down into sections covering Pre-Event Registration, Onsite Registration, Reporting, and Additional Services. The guide follows the visitor journey throughout each stage while taking a look into the advanced tools and solutions available for event organisers to use throughout the registration process to enhance the visitor journey. It will also look at how to improve the data exhibitors gather from their leads at your event and how you as an organiser can streamline processes while gathering valuable, high quality data to improve future and existing marketing campaigns, not to mention your understanding of your audience.

What else is needed for your registration process to be successful?

Alongside every registration platform is an event marketing team who will work in close relationship with your registration provider. Your event marketing team will be critical in your events success and the number of registrations you achieve. As referred to in numerous points within this guide, every marketing team will, ideally, have access to additional software solutions, whether provided by your registration partner or an external provider, being email marketing software, a data management solution and a customer insight / survey tool. This will allow marketing campaigns to run alongside your event registration platform to maximise event registrations whilst handling data securely in a GDPR compliant fashion.

Who are Jonas Event Technology….and why have we written this guide?

If you run an event, you'll appreciate that getting people in the door is critical to its success. Jonas Event Technology are an award winning event registration provider across the trade, consumer and conference market who have helped event organisers do exactly that over nearly three decades. We have continually improved our software and onsite solutions as the industry has evolved allowing us to be a leading provider of registration services. Whether you run a large trade show or a small conference our solutions can be scaled up or down to meet your needs while providing the very best customer service with a consultative approach. We want both event organisers and their attendees to have the best registration experience.

We have written this guide to assist event organisers with the registration process while giving an insight into the solutions available and how they can be used. In doing this, it will not only allow for improved understanding of registration, but it will allow for organisers to analyse their own process to improve the visitor journey and the quality of data they hold, hopefully helping to make the next event the best one yet.

Get the Full guide now

We'll be releasing a section of the guide each month over the next year or so. To get the full grafitti covered version (with street art images from around the world) right now, click here.

Access the Ultimate Guide to Event Registration

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