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The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 4)


Tuesday, 18 May 2021
The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 4)

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - The Event Registration Form (part 4) - Increasing Quality and Quantity of Attendees

I need to vet my registrations as I am running a specialist event, can I action this through the registration process?

Registration Vetting – Approve or Deny

Having an approve and deny process is a great way to vet visitors to your event, whether because of enforced limits on capacity, or a requirment for a specialised audience. This allows you as the organiser to check a new registration against a certain criteria before approving the registration. You could also include a payment option for attendees who don't meet a certain criteria.

Registrations could be automatically approved depending on responses to certain demographics or can be manually approved by an organiser receiving an email detailing the attendee’s details. Having a customisable email reply triggered based upon the visitor either being approved or denied while allowing for visitor types to be changed by your team before the response is sent, if required, will ensure your audience is tailored specifically to the event. This is not only likely to improve your registration to attendee conversations but is a huge selling point to exhibitors as the audience attending is cherry picked full of industry specialists.

Can I make the registration process quicker and simpler for returning visitors?

Pre-Pop Registration Pages

To help streamline the visitor journey previous year visitors can be sent a link to a pre-populated registration form with all their details already filled in as soon as registration opens. This allows your visitors to easily and quickly check their details are correct and then submit their registration within seconds – depending on demographics, this can even be one-click.

Is there any way of visitors registering using their social media accounts?

Social Registrations

There are social media widget solutions available that allow individuals to register to your event using their social media profile and then share the details with their network. These widgets can be built directly into your registration form allowing for a quick registration process again maximising your event exposure across your visitor’s social media networks.

Can my visitor add a colleague or add the date to their calendar through the registration process?

Additional Form Functionality Features

As part of completing your registration as a visitor, you may find the need to edit your booking, alter the seminar sessions you wish to attend, add a colleague to your booking or add the event to your outlook diary for example. Being able to do this simply and quickly without having to register an account for each event is highly desirable and being able to access this by your confirmation email that is automatically triggered off the back of the registration is an efficient way to do so.

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