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The Ultimate Guide - Onsite Registration - Traditional Badges


Wednesday, 18 August 2021
The Ultimate Guide - Onsite Registration - Traditional Badges

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - Onsite Registration - Traditional Badge Types

What sort of badge types are available, and what would work for my event?

PDF (Print at Home) Badges

Print at home PDF Badges are becoming ever more popular with Trade Show organisers allowing visitors to print their badges before the event and bypass the queues onsite as they arrive at the venue. Off the back of registering, an automated email is sent out to the visitor with their PDF badge attached ready for printing with all their details along with a barcode/QR code displayed. This barcode/QR code allows for the front of house scanning team to scan the visitor into the venue, which gathers vital attendance details, and also allows exhibitors opting for a lead recording service to receive these details when they scan a lead.

This PDF badge is folded and placed into a badge holder onsite which is then connected to a lanyard. PDF Badges can have different colours on them for different visitor types which is automatically displayed on the badges based upon conditional logic as part of the registration process. PDF Badges can be different sizes, if required, to match onsite stock and they can be used for every single visitor type. Reminder emails can be sent on the final run up days to the event to remind visitors to bring their badge (and to attend the event!), reducing the number of individuals who forget to bring it with them on the day. PDF badges couple with onsite badging options for walk ins and also forgotten badges and reduces queues on site as many visitors arriving can walk straight through to front of house scanning. 

Postal Badges

Some organisers opt for pre-printed postal badges meaning each visitor has their badge posted to them prior to the event which can be peeled off the bottom of a letter. This method usually sees greater number of attendees bringing badges as it requires limited effort and offers a great personal touch to your visitors. Understandably this method is more expensive than other badging options due to the cost of postage and is usually used for smaller paid for conferences. 

Pre-Printed Badges

For smaller events, conferences and awards shows, pre-printed badges can be an option meaning visitors arriving can collect their badge from a member of staff without having to remember a confirmation email or PDF Badge. Using pre-printed badges works well for events up to around 250 delegates/visitors and will reduce the number of terminals and staff required onsite to print badges, thus reducing the cost. 

What sort of badge stock will I need? And what badge holders are available?

Onsite Badge Stock

There are multiple types of onsite badge stock available allowing for both single and double-sided printing options. These include double sided self-adhesive badges that can be connected straight to a lanyard without the need for a badge holder or single sided stock that requires a badge holder to connect up to a lanyard. Having your logo and event details pre-printed in colour prior to the event is standard practice with over printing in black onsite with the visitor details and barcode to keep costs down for event organisers. Colour printing can be achieved onsite using laser printers although the speed of printing reduces and the cost of printing increases meaning colour printing, if necessary, is often better completed prior to the event. 

Plastic Card ID Badges

Plastic credit card style badges can be used and can be printed with a picture on them to be used as exhibitor or ID badges for visitors/exhibitors. This can work extremely well for high profile events and even for exhibitor badging to stop exhibitors handing out free passes to their customers/friends/families at paid for events. 

Badge Holders

Badge holders are usually required for some onsite badge types and also to house PDF tickets. There are plain or coloured badge holder options available as some organisers like to use different coloured badge holders to denote a certain visitor type.


Lanyards are required to connect to badge holders and onsite badge stock for visitors to hang around their neck.  Lanyards can be used to denote visitor types for exhibitors to easily identify potential customer types or printed lanyards can be used if you have a sponsor for your event. 

Badges are best displayed on a visitor to allow for quick front of house scanning and for identification purposes for exhibitors, especially those exhibitors opting for lead recording services as it allows for quick and easy scanning of the visitor’s badges.

Anything else to consider?

Exhibitor Badging

Badging exhibitors can be achieved the same way as badging your visitors. Exhibitors can have a dedicated registration from to submit their details and they can be supplied with PDF tickets prior to the event or you can have a dedicated exhibitor collection desk on build up day and throughout the event for exhibitors to collect their badges.

A limit system can be included on the exhibitor registration form to ensure only an allocated number of exhibitors receive a badge. In this scenario, badge swap system can also be introduced whereby exhibitors who are leaving the event may swap badges for those taking their place.

Barcode / QR Codes

It’s worth mentioning here that having barcodes and / or QR codes printed on each badge that are unique to each individual is needed to allow for accurate onsite attendee reporting and to allow for exhibitors to utilise lead recording services. The barcodes link directly to the details provided by the individual at registration allowing for quick scanning of attendees onsite meaning their contact details can be handed over quickly and efficiently. 

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