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Live Attendance Scanning


Tuesday, 09 June 2020


Live Attendance Scanning

It has been almost 3 months since lockdown began and we have all been adapting to a new way of life. As lockdown starts to ease slightly there is a faint light beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel.

It has been a very challenging time for our industry seeing many events postpone and cancel and the prospect of being able to run a large event in the current climate is a difficult task.

So, over the last few months we at JET we have been trying our very best to stay positive while assessing our current products and solutions and how they could be used / could be required to be used once events are given the green light to resume.

One of the key aspects we have been considering is attendance scanning. With Track and Trace being a key priority for Governments across the globe and potential limits of attendee numbers being talked about throughout the industry, having a registration solution that scans attendees into the event giving a clear timestamp of when they arrive with a dashboard showing live attendance at any given moment could well be the “new normal” for events.

A key area that event organisers will be addressing is exhibitor and visitor confidence and that they are doing all they can to protect the health and safety of their customers throughout the event as reduced confidence will lead to reduced attendance and, therefore, unhappy exhibitors.

Software is going to be key to events taking place in this new world and using an experienced registration company you will find many solutions that they offer will not only streamline the visitor journey from pre-registration through to onsite registration, but it will offer ways and means of delivery your event if restrictions or pre-requisites are imposed.

So, with this in mind, as a core solution within our product base here at JET we have “JET Enter”, brought to market in 2019, offering ‘live attendance scanning’ via our mobile application. The JET Enter app couples seamlessly with our Eventdata reporting dashboard allowing event organisers to see their attendance stats live within their dashboard. This solution is ideal for event organisers in search of a way of monitoring attendance post COVID-19 with the added benefit of instilling confidence with audiences that their safety and wellbeing is top priority, allowing them to focus on driving leads and sales at events, which is going to be essential for businesses to recover economically.

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