What makes a great project manager in the events industry?

Jul 18, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Project Management and Events

Project management is not a role for everyone. It demands a specific type of person who can form relationships with clients and act as a part of their team while comprehending and executing their needs.

Being client-oriented means making the client aware of their significance to you and having their best interests at heart. Exceptional project managers bring value to a company and strengthen bonds through relationships, leading to repeat business. Building personal relationships with clients is the most effective way to understand them better and genuinely care for them. A strong relationship makes it easier to tackle any challenges or issues together, giving clients trust and confidence in their project manager to deliver.

Project Management at JET

At Jonas Event Technology, every customer is assigned a dedicated project manager who takes care of their needs, supported by a team of other project managers in their absence. Our project managers prioritise our customers, and everything we do is centred on serving them to the best of our abilities.

A critical aspect of being a project manager in the event industry is knowing that events occur on a fixed date and time, and there’s no room for delay. You must be prepared and do what it takes to reach the event’s goals. Managing multiple events simultaneously, each with different requirements and clients requires a natural ability that cannot be trained. It demands the skill of juggling all tasks effectively to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. It’s not a role for complacency, and our team gives their all to deliver successful exhibitions and conferences.

What’s the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’?

Being a project manager and being a great project manager are two different things. A great project manager has the capability to ask questions to comprehend the complete requirements and isn’t afraid to challenge things. Nothing should be taken for granted. If something seems off, it probably is, and having the confidence to question it is crucial. Being highly organized helps keep the project on track and maintains open communication between all relevant parties. Practical communication skills and the ability to provide information at all levels are crucial for success.

Planning is the key to ensuring everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. The project manager must be able to listen to requirements and provide suggestions that meet the organizer’s needs, whether it be appearance, visitor experience, or budget. Paying close attention to detail and not hesitating to raise potential issues is crucial to avoid future problems.

Experience teaches you so much more than anything else. With over 29 years experience of in account management within the registration industry, Jonas Event Technology really does help you build, grow and run event registration as efficiently as possible, making us a winning team. With such a great team behind Jonas Event Technology, it really is an exciting job to be part of.

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