JET Reporting Takes Off…

Jul 28, 2017 | Product

Hand in hand with our merger to become Jonas Event Technology, we have a range of updates coming over the next 12 months to keep our customers’ events at the cutting edge of registration technology.

Giving new levels of customisation and ways to visualise visitor data, as well as bringing the interface up to date, JET Reporting gives organisers fingertip access to their data in real-time, with the ability to monitor the success of registration campaigns, create custom reports and exports and gain insight into their audience like never before.

The first of a planned suite of technology upgrades from one of the UK’s longest established registration teams is JET Reporting – a powerful, robust and sophisticated event reporting tool.

On the go

View your data, wherever you are. 

Share & collaborate

Share report tiles with your team.

You’re in control

Clean, clear and customisable interface.

Powerful insight

Get more from your data.

“This upgrade enhances the existing tools by providing a more user-friendly interface on to what can often be very complex data and marks just the first step for us in our new developments.”
Graham Parkins

Technical Director, Jonas Event Technology

Our reporting tools have always given our clients total access to their own data in real-time, and whilst we were the first company in the UK to provide real-time access for event registration in the early 2000’s, we recognised that organisers have become increasingly self sufficient with their data and technology and want hands-on, right now.

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