JET Data – a secure, compliant data management solution for your events

May 10, 2018 | Product

Here at Jonas Event Technology, our development roadmap is focused on developing products that achieve our aim. We strive to offer the best solutions to event organisers so they can put on their best event yet. It’s as simple as that.

To go with our core business of managing event registration from online form to on-site, we offer a number of products that support this and, having been built with the events industry in mind, are the tools we know an organiser needs.

We’ve already launched a dynamic email marketing system, JET Connect, which will soon offer automation based on event specific data. 

The next step along our roadmap finds us meeting GDPR. With GDPR coming into force on the 25th May 2018, we understand how important it is to manage data in a secure and compliant system. That’s why we’re introducing JET Data, our brand new data management tool used as an add-on to our event registration software, once again, designed specifically for the events industry.

Data storage made simple… yet powerful

JET Data is record centric. This means that each data subject (for example, a visitor or exhibitor attending your event) is a single record in the system no matter how many events of yours they attend. This allows the system to harness the power of this simplicity with quick data filtering and searching, but also means that the visitor can go to one place to manage all of their preferences. Advanced filtering also enables an organiser to target segments based on specific interests providing enhanced marketing capabilities. And of course, the data is stored in a secure, single location as recommended by the GDPR.

We see JET Data as the hub of all of your data needs. It is being built to work with our products in providing a cohesive overview of your data for better automation. The next phase on the roadmap is to join the power of JET Data to JET Connect giving the ability to send out emails before, during and post show automatically within an integrated system.

Introducing the Preference Centre…

An important feature of JET Data is the ability to manage all visitor and exhibitor preferences across events. To do this in the most efficient and visually appealing way, we have created a clear hierarchy structure which allows users to update their preferences with ease, including the right to be forgotten.

The visitors and exhibitors attending your events can update their contact methods whenever they want within the preference centre. Data is updated in real-time so you will know exactly how an individual wants to be contacted, meaning you won’t be caught out.

If you’d like to know more about how JET Data can help you manage your data post-GDPR, or would like to book a demonstration, contact us.

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