Badge Printing

If you are running an event that requires onsite badges for your attendees, you’ll want to know about our custom badge printing services.

Conference Registration
Conference Registration

Badge Printing

If you are running an event that requires onsite badges for your attendees, you’ll want to know about our custom badge printing services.

We understand the importance of onsite badges for your event. Which is why we provide onsite badge printing solutions to make it easier for your attendees to enter your conference, consumer event or trade show.

Badges can be printed by visitors at home (in the form of a PDF) and brought to the event on the day, sent out prior to the event by post, or they can be printed onsite. PDF badges tend to require plastic holders (which we discuss later), but here are our basic printing services so that you can decide which option is best for you.

Badge Collection and Printing Terminals

Onsite badge collection terminals can be staffed or self-service. They allow for your attendees to scan their registration confirmation barcode, (or register on the day, if they haven’t already) then print and collect their custom name badges. The data is then stored as each visitor enters your event so that you can keep track of your attendance rate.

The number of terminals that you will need depends on the size of your site and attendee list. This is something we can discuss with you and make sure you have enough equipment to maintain a steady flow of attendees.

The type of terminals can differ depending on what type of badges you need to be printed.

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Sustainable Badge Printing Options

If, like us, you value the option of a sustainable approach for your event, this is the best badge printing solution at the moment. Using paper badges reduces your events plastic usage significantly for two main reasons. Firstly, the badge can be recycled or even made of recycled materials. Secondly, a paper name badge doesn’t need to be placed in a plastic badge holder. It can simply be attached to a lanyard, which can also be made of recycled materials and therefore, eliminate excess plastic use.

We like to stay informed of any sustainable badging methods and ways to reduce excess plastic waste so that we can get a better understanding of how we can make a positive change towards sustainable name badge printing.

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Pre-Registered Badges for Collection

These are your paper name badges mentioned above that are printed and attached to lanyards at the event. Pre-Registered badges are printed using unique barcodes which are sent to the visitors’ email after registering prior to the event. These QR codes or barcodes can be scanned directly from a device to cut down on the printing of registration confirmations or tickets.

Depending on the onsite printer and badge stock chosen, you can choose between printing either single prints or doubled sided badges. The first option can simply slot into badge holders (or just clip onto a lanyard for sustainability). The second option has an adhesive back which can be folded and attached to a lanyard that way.

Plastic ID credit card-style Badges

These are a more personal and durable name badge option made from plastic rather than paper. Plastic IDs are typically used for a smaller events where additional security is essential. It is then secured to a lanyard for easy access.

One of the benefits of using a plastic ID card is that each badge is exclusive to each visitor and can contain a photo of the attendee. This eliminates any chances of reusing or sharing badges and therefore, adds extra security to your high profile event.  However, using excess plastic isn’t the most sustainable option.

Badge Customisation

Another option that you would need to consider is how you want your name badges to look. This includes deciding on whether you want your event badges to be printed in colour or black and white. Also, if you’d like any logos or event information added. Normally the badge design will be pre-printed in colour with the attendees details printed in black when they arrive at your event.

For colour printing, you may need to consider the size of your attendee list as printing in colour may not always be the most cost-effective solution. But not to worry, this is also something you can discuss with us.

Do you need badge printing support?

Once your visitors get their name badges custom printed, they can enter your event! Our job will be done and you can focus on making your event the best yet.

Whether you choose to print at home or onsite at the event, we will help you make the process of badge printing for your event that much easier.

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