Thursday, 24 January 2019

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Quartz Business Media
Product: JET Subscription, JET Connect, JET Data

Quartz Business Media have redefined their whole data strategy over the last two years and have been looking to automate processes so that their data is clean, secure and easy to manipulate. As such they wanted a solution that enabled them to combine their magazine paid subscription and controlled circulation data with their registration data, email marketing platform, accounting processes and CRM sales system.

    The Solution

    For some of our clients we recognised that there are synergies between event data and the publishing arm of event organising companies, therefore we built a solution which was exactly what Quartz required. Essentially JET Subscription has enabled Quartz to get all of their data in one place and/or speaking to other systems. It also offers a modern and clean shopping cart system so that people can easily subscribe to publications – hugely improving the customer experience.

    By switching to JET Subscription Quartz have not only heavily reduced the time spent by their team to manipulate the data, but have been able to be much more dynamic with messaging and monitoring. They estimate that they will be able to save 15%-20% of their teams time spent on manual importing, exporting and reporting tasks. They will also be able to clearly analyse for the first time the customer’s journey as a whole e.g. where did the customer come from? Which events do they attend, what exhibitors/articles/adverts do they interact with? This intelligence will be invaluable in the future and is sure to make Quartz more efficient and profitable.

    We asked Jo Tyler, the Marketing Director of Quartz Business Media why they decided on using JET Subscription and why Jonas Event Technology were the perfect event tech partner?

    “Over the years we have used numerous different event registration companies. JET was a clear favourite and always had a good handle on our data without costing the earth. The customer service was always very high for both us and our registered attendees. We asked Jonas if they would be able to also offer us an email marketing platform and they took on the challenge supplying us with a fantastic platform that was easy to use and better value than our previous supplier. When we wanted to change subscription providers it was a no-brainer to use them as well. They listened to what we thought we wanted and then improved on it, taking the time to understand our business, our processes, our frustrations and what our customers needed.”

    “Data is the heart of our business and I am (sadly) very passionate about using the best tools to make sure that our staff are able to access, keep-up-to-date, manipulate and get the best results from the contacts that we have – both existing and potential customers. Getting a complete data solution for all elements of our business has been something that I have been trying to achieve for years. Having spent a long time researching the market heavily and using multiple systems and suppliers, I am delighted that Jonas have been able to create the perfect solution – one that will transform our business and the way we work. The team at Jonas feel like an extended part of our team now. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any publisher and/or event organiser.”

    Jo Tyler

    Marketing Director, Quartz Business Media, AEO Development Board Member and Chair, AEO Business Technology and Innovation Group

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