Wednesday, 16th August 2023

Housing 2023

Our Client – Housing 2023

Housing 2023, Europe’s largest housing 2-day conference has been around for over 70 years. This year, the Housing conference was hosted on the 27-29th of June in Manchester Central. We have worked with Housing since 2012 where we provided them with all our pre-show and onsite services.

The Problem

Housing made it clear that they needed a registration solution that was seamless and that would help get as many attendees through the door as quickly as possible:

“Registration should be seamless. There is nothing more infuriating than when people arrive and the registration has messed up in some way because people just want to get in and be welcomed into the event.”

Sarah Payling, Event Group Director, Ocean Media

The Solution

We took Housing’s requests on board and provided them with everything they might need for event registration, from pre-event registration forms to badge printing and ticketing on the day. We made sure that our onsite managers handled any queries that arose and oversaw the registration process so that there were no delays.

“The first year we worked with you was 2012. We brought you in and you were excellent. We have a great relationship; you know us, we know you. You know the event really well and you are brilliant pre-show and onsite – I can’t say how good you are. Vicki and Sharon are a delight to work with and lead the same team of people every year. “

Sarah Payling

Event Group Director, Ocean Media

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