13th January 2024

HBRS Farnborough

Sometimes, your current event registration solutions might work perfectly, but you want to go that extra mile to make your event as seamless as possible. This is where going digital comes in. In this case study, discover how we facilitated a digital transition for one of our clients, Future.

Our Client – Future

Our client, Future, runs The Homebuilding and Renovating Show (HBRS) – the UK’s biggest and most inspiring event for self-builders and renovators. We have been providing Future with our event registration services and solutions for a while now, however, we wanted to find out how we could improve our services even further.

The Solution: Digital Transition 

To enhance HBRS’ event registration process, our Senior Onsite Manager, Vicky, who was working on one of their events at the time, took the opportunity to assess their current setup. Future used paper onsite registration forms and accepted payments via PDQ machines on the day, which served them well in the past. However, Vicky saw the potential for an even more efficient approach and made a few suggestions to further streamline the event’s onsite registration.

To do this, Vicky recommended the team swap their paper onsite registration form for an online one. This ultimately would save attendees time filling in the forms manually on the day and the events team sorting through each attendee’s information. She also suggested that the team could replace their PDQ machines with an online payment method via a handy QR code, making it easier to pay for tickets and reducing the need for cash-handling staff. Additionally, this transition would eliminate the need for paper receipts, which would prove to be a much more eco-friendly approach to their event’s registration.

Vicky relayed these improvements to the Future team, who were happy to facilitate this digital transition for their next event to enhance their attendees’ registration experience even further.

The Result

After making the switch from a manual onsite registration approach to a digital one, Future was delighted with the effect this had on HBRS. Anju Tariq at Future said this about the digital transition:

“The digital transition was a really simple process since JET took care of everything from the onsite registration form to financial reporting. Our visitors were particularly happy with how quick and easy the online forms were to use from their phones. We also managed to reduce our onsite paper waste, which was a great bonus!”

Anju Tariq

Global Head of Retention Marketing, Future


In our efforts to make our solutions and services for HBRS even more streamlined, JET helped Future enhance its current event registration set-up even further with online payment and onsite registration methods. Thanks to Vicky, the events team could improve the efficiency of our solutions while also reducing paper waste.

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