Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Christian Resources Exhibition

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Christian Resources Exhibition
Product: JET Data

Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE Ltd) needed a database solution when purchasing the event from its previous owners in November 2016. The inherited data was stored in separate documents and, due to GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, the company needed a solution to be compliant with data storage in one place.

‘Having spent many long hours cleaning it up, we needed a tool that allowed us to re-build our database and manage preferences,’ explained CRE event director Brett Pitchfork.

    The Solution

    JET Data
    JET Data was just what they needed, designed specifically for the events industry by our in-house development team. Led by our technical director and product manager, with two decades of experience in the industry between them, the solution was built to be GDPR compliant. CRE Ltd manage contact methods in a hierarchy structure, setting as many contact preferences as is necessary.

    “We invested a great deal of time cleaning data from inherited spreadsheets but didn’t have anywhere for it to live, post-GDPR. JET Data provided one secure location where we could keep our data up to date easily – problem solved!”

    Brett Pitchfork

    CRE Event Director

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