Wednesday, 17 May 2023

BrightonSEO 2023

How our solutions can help your event as it grows.

Our Client – Brighton SEO

BrightonSEO is a 3-day long bi-annual event that has used JET’s expertise in event registration for several years. As a leading conference dedicated to expanding the SEO community and hosting various talks and seminars for SEO marketers, thousands attend to learn and share the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

The Problem

BrightonSEO decided to work with us when they realised they couldn’t handle the registration in-house when their events and demand started to grow exponentially. They needed a partner that could manage the registration side of things in an organised manner.

The Solution

Since working with BrightonSEO, JET has taken over all the registration requirements for the event, helping with everything from the pre-event communications to ensuring that several thousand attendees get into the conference stress-free (for both the organiser and visitor!) each day.

“We’ve worked with JET for a few years now, since we realised that we couldn’t handle that process ourselves in-house as the events been growing and getting bigger and bigger. JET now handles all of our badging and registration, our pre-arrival comms, and our exhibitor scanning for lead generation. They also provide us with the data we need; like who is coming to the conference, when our busy periods are and who attended some of our stages.”

Jo Walters


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