Oliver Smart Promoted to Managing Director

May 3, 2023 | Team JET

Jonas Event Technology’s Director of Operations, Oliver Smart, Promoted to Managing Director.


As of May 1st, 2023, Oliver Smart, our Director of Operations, will be JET’s new Managing Director.

Oliver’s hard work and dedication has been recognised, especially during the post-COVID business recovery period when the company needed the most support. Since then, Oliver has worked tirelessly and across many areas of the business, helping the company thrive in a post-COVID world. Oliver has been increasing his responsibilities and leading the team at Jonas Event Technology since, proving that he is more than ready of moving into this new role.

Rob Mortimer, Group Leader at Vesta Software Group states “Through his passion, drive and countless hours, Oliver has assisted in JET’s unprecedented growth following the re-opening of our industry in 2021”.

Tom Baptie, Chief Operations Officer at Vesta Software Group added “In my 20 years of experience in business, I’ve never encountered someone as passionate, success-driven, and possessing such a strong work ethic as Oliver, particularly for someone so young. Oliver values the team he leads and prioritises their personal development and growth. The dedication I witness on a daily basis is impressive and I see nothing but success for both Oliver and the JET team in the future.

All of us at #TeamJET want to congratulate Oliver on this exciting news both for himself and the company.