Oliver Smart Becomes Official Member of ESSA Board 2023

Aug 10, 2023 | News

On the 12th of July, the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) held a vote to elect the new members of the ESSA Board of 2023 and our Managing Director, Oliver Smart, earned a position on the board.

ESSA’s goal is to foster change in the events sector and drive industry progress through innovation, collaboration, and professionalism. Oliver’s addition to the team is a highly positive step, not only for the association but also for JET, as it represents a significant contribution to their important cause.

Andrew Harrison, the Director of ESSA, commented on ESSA’s advancement: “We are at a significant point in the history of ESSA and our membership. We are leading and representing on more topics than ever before. We are holding the sector to account, when appropriate, more than ever before. ESSA is more focused on clarity of vision for its members’ future and is set to continue the delivery of incredible outputs in the coming months and beyond to represent suppliers’ best interests.”

Here is what Oliver had to say about his nomination:

“Like my fellow nominees, I’m truly honoured to have been voted onto the board, and I am eagerly looking forward to embarking on this journey and collaborating with everyone. Driving thought leadership from the supplier side of the EIA is incredibly exciting. By implementing small, sustainable changes, we can make our ambitious industry goals achievable. #togetherwecan #togetherwethrive”

You can find the list of ESSA members here.

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