NAEC Stoneleigh – Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep

Aug 20, 2023 | Venues, Where to eat, sleep and drink

NAEC Stoneleigh

The National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre or the NAEC is a trade and exhibition centre in Stoneleigh that hosts over 300 events per year. With several halls, 250 acres of outdoor spaces and seminar rooms, the NAEC is the place to be if you are interested in hosting an event of any kind. Getting to the location is easy, as there are links to rail stations and buses as well as 10,000 parking spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Stoneleigh is a small village in Warwickshire so it may seem that there isn’t that much to do for event organisers, however, if you know where to look, Stoneleigh can be a great location to host your next event. This article will aim to give you some helpful tips for places to eat, drink and sleep in the area.


The closest restaurant that you will find near the NAEC is Farmers Fayre. Known as the ‘Hidden Gem of Warwickshire’, Farmers Fayre is both a farm shop and a restaurant, serving fresh local produce daily. On top of serving excellent quality breakfast and lunch services, there is also an option to have afternoon tea. Given Stoneleigh’s size, there are not that many restaurants close to the NAEC, so to find your next place to eat, you will need to look a bit further. A 10-minute car journey away is Kenilworth, where Raffles Restaurant is located. It is a Malaysian restaurant that opens from 6 pm, where you can choose a set meal or pick your own dishes. Its menu is filled with vibrant, mouth-watering dishes all inspired by Malaysian, Tamil and Mandarin cuisine. An 8-minute walk from Raffles is another well-rated restaurant called Ego Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar. As the name suggests, Ego specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, however, it also has several deals throughout the week. There is a Monday offer for a set meal, Tuesday steak night, Wednesday tapas and Thursday kebab night so there is plenty of variation throughout the week. On top of also having a gluten-free, vegan and children’s menu, Ego caters to many!


Just like the restaurants, most of the places to drink are also located in Kenilworth. The Bear and Ragged Staff is a Greene King pub chain that will provide you with an affordable and convenient night on the town. There is another pub only a 5-minute walk from the Bear and Ragged Staff, called The Almanack. It is a modern gastro-pub with a selection of creative cocktails, gluten-free beer and an extensive wine list. Lastly, in Kenilworth and only a 10-minute walk from The Almanack is The Green Man, another pub. This one is an Ember Inns chain pub, serving beer and ale, cocktails and cocktail trees, wine and spritzers so you can be sure you will find a drink that you like.


Stoneleigh Park Lodge is a guest house with 54 bedrooms located within the grounds of the NAEC Stoneleigh. It is a 4-star rated establishment that has free parking, and Wi-Fi, is pet-friendly and offers a full English breakfast service in the morning. Given its ideal location, it is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for somewhere nearby. If you don’t mind staying in a hotel further away from the NAEC, Kenilworth has several well-rated hotels, such as Abbeyfields Hotel. It offers clean, spacious and well-decorated rooms to unwind in after a long day and has plenty of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. The last hotel we recommend in the area is Holiday Inn Kenilworth. This hotel is a reliable classic, with all your basic needs covered and spacious yet cosy rooms to spend the night in.

Although Stoneleigh itself isn’t very big, there are plenty of places to visit in the surrounding area. To make the most of your visit to NAEC Stoneleigh, it is best to travel by car so you can access all of the establishments that Stoneleigh and Kenilworth have to offer.

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