JET Forms are now integrated with Google Analytics

Oct 1, 2019 | Product

Our event registration forms are now integrated with Google Analytics!

We’ve had a number of event organisers coming to us wanting to integrate our event registration forms with their Google Analytics in order to view how many visits their event registration forms are receiving. This is something we could offer, but it was down to the organiser to ensure everything was working their end and although we have always tried to help, we know that the process hasn’t always been the most seamless it could have been.

Page Views

That’s why we have invested time over the summer in working with Google Tag Manager to integrate it with our JET Forms. This now means that receiving the data from our forms is as simple as providing us with a Google Analytics code. That’s it. We’ve done all the hard work behind the scenes so that organisers can start tracking page views immediately without worrying about how to set it up. Fuss-free page view tracking.

Of course, we also realised that some organisers want more information from their registration forms and go down the route of dealing with an agency, which instead of helping clear up the situation, tends to add to the confusion with ourselves, the organiser and the agency trying to work together to get the tracking working.


Again, we’ve realised this and made the process much simpler by removing the middle-man. We can provide event organisers with the analytics events to set up goals and to track form completions and we can help to check it’s working without getting a third party involved. This does require some knowledge of setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics, but we can offer the service if required.


Finally, we can also do some bespoke work and integrate with a number of different platforms, including Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight.

 If you want to easily track the success of your campaigns, do get in touch!

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