Jonas Event Technology opens office in Houston, Texas

Jul 7, 2023 | News

Jonas Event Technology (JET) is pleased to unveil its new US office, based in Houston, Texas.

While JET increased its business dealings with US-based events in 2021, the remarkable success in customer service over the course of a year led to the official inauguration of the USA operations and office in 2022.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, JET, serving as an onsite technology provider, encountered numerous obstacles when working with events across the Atlantic. This included navigating visas, complying with COVID testing, insurance, and vaccination regulations, and meeting the toughened freight demands for events during the pandemic.

Organising and supplying for international events became increasingly complex due to the need to adhere to new COVID-related laws. As an example, for an event in the USA, two on-site managers were required to undergo a five-day testing and quarantine period in Barbados, while one of them also quickly obtained double vaccinations to attend the event. Despite these difficulties, JET remained resolute in delivering exceptional customer service while adhering to COVID laws and restrictions.

In light of the increasing number of overseas shows and the challenges faced, the decision to establish an office in the USA was made at the outset of 2022.

US Office Houston

Benefits to organisers of global events

JET’s expansion into the United States has yielded numerous benefits for event organisers. One significant advantage is the reduced carbon footprint achieved by locally storing registration kits instead of shipping them from the UK. JET prioritises and values environmentally conscious decisions, making this development a pivotal milestone for the company.

Moreover, JET’s presence in the USA facilitates seamless collaboration across different time zones, benefiting both international and domestic clients. The ability to seamlessly work across regions ensures efficient communication and coordination, resulting in successful events.

For European organisers managing events in North, South and Central America, the pre-event project management is handled by our UK team, followed by the expert support of our US-based team during the event days. The same happens in reverse for American based organisers working overseas in Europe.

Currently, JET supports five leading European based organisers, including brands such as Natural Disasters Expo Miami, The Business Show Las Vegas, PCB Houston, The Advanced Materials Show New Jersey and Glassman Latin America.

Oliver, Smart, JET’s Managing Director, says “This is a proud moment for TeamJET, as it signifies our successful journey in America, driven by our exceptional customer service and dedication. Our expanded global reach and diverse market presence will expedite product development and boost revenues which will be re-invested into our offering.”

Meet us at Event Tech Live Las Vegas

JET is committed to maintaining its momentum in the USA. As a testament to this commitment, JET recently announced its participation in Event Tech Live in Las Vegas, scheduled for April 2024. With its new office, dedicated team, and promising future, JET is poised to make a significant impact across the pond.


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