Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Feb 20, 2019 | Exhibitor LRD, Product

What is exhibitor lead retrieval and what are the benefits?

Exhibitor lead retrieval is a service offered at most trade shows allowing them to collect the contact details of visitors to their stand quickly and easily by scanning their badge. This negates the need to collect business cards, fill in lengthy forms or try to remember what they said. The benefits lie not only with the exhibitor but the visitor alike as it allows the visitor to quickly share their contact details without the need of a repetitive long-winded conversation each time they want to express their interest with an exhibitor.

The service works by the exhibitor, quite simply, hiring a handheld scanner or mobile application licence for the duration of the event. The importance of event badging means exhibitors can then scan the badge of the visitor, which in turn, collects the contact details the visitor provided at registration.

There are advanced capabilities included within the lead retrieval service offered here at Jonas Event Technology (JET) allowing further information to be quickly and efficiently gathered. This includes collecting the answers to certain questions you want your sales reps to ask, or further notes that need to be made (note taking available via the app only).

Here at JET we offer our exhibitor lead retrieval service to a large number of events throughout the year. We offer both our Handheld Scanner and our Engage Scanner App (available on iOS and Android). Below briefly describes the difference between the two, including the benefits of each, to aid with your decision-making process when assessing which may be best suited to your sales reps.

JET’s Engage Handheld Scanner

Our Engage Handheld Scanner is essentially a physical handheld scanner which is hired by exhibitors for the duration of the event. The handheld scanners are perfect for high volumes of leads where you want to gather the contact details of your visitors swiftly. There are further capabilities that can be setup within our Exhibitor Portal allowing you to set ‘qualifying questions’ you wish your sales reps to collect the answers to for each lead. This could be the product the visitor expressed an interest in or whether they would like a brochure sending out in the post or a follow up call. This is achieved by scanning a barcode sheet which can be printed out with these responses on from within the exhibitor portal, allowing your sales rep to scan the visitors badge, followed by the question responses they want to record.

This can then be downloaded post event ready to be followed up on. If speed and efficiency is what you need then the Engage Handheld Scanner is for you.

JET’s Engage Scanner App

Our Engage Scanner App is our mobile application which can be downloaded onto your sales reps mobile device allowing them to again, quickly and swiftly, scan the visitors badge to collect their contact details, with more advanced features enabling the collection of further data from your visitor. The app is perfect for a more consultative sales process that may require further notes to be collected, whether it be a photo, voice or text note, in order to qualify the lead and effectively follow up post event. These features are built into our app along with the ability to add qualifying questions (although there is no need for a barcode sheet as the results can be stored within the app). The beauty of our app is that leads are instantly synced back to the exhibitor’s portal (4G or WiFi required) as soon as the lead is scanned, meaning your team back in the office can be storing and following up on the leads instantly without having to wait for the data to be download from the scanner post event.

In summary both lead retrieval options allow for a quick and streamlined approach to collecting the contact details of the visitors to your stand by simply scanning their badge. Both options allow you to collect further information through qualifying questions although our mobile app has further advanced note taking capabilities which can be extremely beneficial for a more consultative sale.

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