2018 Year in Review

Dec 18, 2018 | News

Let’s start with the latest news… we’ve just been awarded Best Registration Company at the Exhibition News Elite Awards 2018! We knew we’d had a fantastic 12 months, but getting this official recognition really highlights the great work we’ve done this year.

The award shines a light on the exhibition supplier who has gone beyond their day-to-day job to help their clients at events successfully during 2018, shown innovation and demonstrated excellence. We know our organisers have loved working with us, our NPS® feedback (what is NPS?) from our clients proves that, so it’s great to get the recognition from the industry too.

We like to think that this is because of our clear and honest relationship with our clients – we haven’t exaggerated or overpromised, we’ve explained exactly what we can do and why this can help and this has resulted in successful events and happy clients.

So why did we win this award?

Our clients ran successful events

We’ve helped organisers put on 230 events. They’ve ranged from smaller conferences of a few hundred people to larger trade shows seeing tens of thousands of visitors. Have a read of our case studies to see just some of the organisers who have raved about us.

Our clients could trust us to know their venue

We’ve been to 94 different venues this year and our experienced team has been able to provide the best solution based on the layout. Our team of on-site managers and staff continue to do fantastic jobs and we have also had a full regeneration of onsite equipment over the last year and a half which has resulted in the registration areas of the event looking the part. New, industry leading equipment has meant that visitors are welcomed with current technology… no old printers or desktops for us!

Our registration forms captured quality data

We created 441 forms over the past year, with many moving to our new form templates towards the end of the year. These ensured that the visitor was registered and provided with their e-badge or PDF ticket, quality data was captured and tracked, payment was taken if necessary and a whole host of other features, ranging from seminar planners and social registration to a number of bespoke requests.

Our clients had happy exhibitors

With over 1.5 million visitors registered for our events, this meant the 120,000 exhibitors had the chance to make the most of their time there, and we know that happy exhibitors and happy visitors make a happy organiser. That’s why we see our lead capture solution, Engage Scanner, as vital to the success of the show… and the exhibitors who use this back up our belief by giving us an NPS of 31 (an ‘excellent’ score)! Our app was also shortlisted for Best Ticketing Technology at the Event Tech Awards where it was the value it provided to consumer shows that saw it coming close to scooping the award.

Our products continue to improve

We have updated our self-registration interface, our forms continuously evolve and we continue to innovate. Our reporting system has seen a complete overhaul as we move to EventData 2.0 (big news on this next year), and will feature JET Data, our new database product.

“The under the hood changes which have brought EventData 2.0 and JET Data to life are the development teams’ biggest achievements this year. The knowledge we have gained in creating the new master database and creating new APIs and front-end interfaces has created a new kind of bedrock which we will rapidly build on in 2019. The analogy with a building site is very apt. The foundations are significant, run deep and now they are laid, people will see much quicker the main body of the building rise up quickly as we add functionality.”

Graham Parkins

Technical Director, Jonas Event Technology

We listened to our organisers

We’ve listened to our organisers and have built the products that are required for organisers to put on their best events yet. We built the Event Tech Award shortlisted JET Enter which was exactly what one of our clients were looking for, whilst our latest solution, JET Subscription has just gone live with our first client.

“For some of our clients we recognise that there are synergies between event data and the publishing arm of event organising companies. JET Subscription has simplified this.”

Luke Towers

Product Manager, Jonas Event Technology

Our product suite added value

With the launch of EventData 2.0 and the full product suite this will encompass, it means our current additional products will become more integrated, offering automation and extra data of real value.

We have an experienced team

The re-brand as Jonas Event Technology may only been a couple of years ago, but our team has been around a lot longer with this year seeing Matt reach the 5 year milestone, Laura, Graham and Luke reaching 10 years whilst Krissy has made 15!

We have welcomed new members of staff who have made a real difference

Chris T and Chris W have enabled us to make huge advancements in our product development.

“We have only achieved our development goals through the recruitment and mentoring of the two Chris’s which have contributed to our ever improving company culture and the way to develop solutions which relate well to our customers.”

Graham Parkins

Technical Director, Jonas Event Technology

We have award winning staff

Our Event Technical Manager, Oliver, has made a huge difference and was recognised not only for his contribution to our company but the industry as a whole when he won the ESSA Young Person Award. It was very well deserved.

Our culture has made JET a great place to work

We’ll be continuing to create and live our culture and make JET an even better place to work. Our ‘Fun Committee’ has seen us take part in a number of monthly activities, from bake-offs to Halloween and Christmas celebrations and pay-day drinks. We also have the annual table-tennis tournament and have created our own JET Running Club which has seen Graham lose 10kg in weight and improve his 5k time by 10 minutes! The ‘Swim-in-the-Thames’ club was less successful but did have a few takers!

Finally, we recently mapped out our vision for the next few years and although we’ve made huge progress since our rebrand in 2017, it’s very much exciting times ahead! It’s been a fantastic year and we wish you all the best for the next one!

Have a great break and we’ll see you in 2019!

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