2018 Autumn Update – Event Registration Software

Sep 19, 2018 | News, Product

With a growing development team, we’ve been able to work on a number of new products along with additional features and improvements to our existing software. We have revamped our onsite self registration software and event registration form templates and have some bigger product news to come soon!

So, what are the updates to our event registration software

New Self Registration System

With self registration now abundant everywhere from checking in at airports to ordering fast food from motorway service stations, we decided that our current system was dated and needed a complete revamp in order to keep up with our achievements in the other areas of our registration software – we’re setting high standards and this is another improvement.

We don’t advocate using self registration at all events and are happy to advise on when it should be used, but if it is something your event requires we now have a great system which is quick and easy to use and that looks good. Using a large image can add an extra layer of customisation so that on-site registration is a seamless experience and feels part of the event.

New Event Registration Equipment

With our new registration software being used successfully on all of our events this year (providing organisers with up to date statistics, extra security and reliability), we’ve needed to invest in equipment that keeps up with it and we now have more registration equipment than ever before, and it’s all good stuff! All organisers using JET Onsite will be able to rely upon sleek and smart Windows 10 laptops and all-in-one devices with touchscreen technology which are paired with the industry leading Zebra GX420t printers on every event. Not one to be afraid to search out the very best, we’ve even purchased some brand new Zebra ZD420T printers that have only been released in the last couple of months – we’re pretty sure we’re the only registration company currently using the very latest Zebra printer technology.

Of course, everything these days relies upon a network connection and we have moved to using Netgear Nighthawk 4G routers that are able to reach download speeds of up to 1GB – that’s faster than home connections – meaning there is no trouble with ensuring the live data is exactly that, live!

New Registration Form Templates

Moving back into the pre-show arena, our developments haven’t all been on improving the onsite process. Due to new GDPR requirements and a review of the technology it has become clear that our ‘skinning’ template system (where we use the organisers website and place our registration form inside) must be housed internally in order to be secure and keep within Jonas Event Technology’s data policies.

Therefore, we have decided to move away from our templating system for greater security for our organisers and their audience. Organisers now have two options. They can either create a simplified webpage following our guidelines and is hosted on our servers resulting in a secure version of what we previously offered, or, use one of our new templates.

This is where we put our new front-end developer, Chris, to the test. They are responsive, clean and focus the end user on the ultimate aim… filling out the registration form. These are a vast improvement on our previous template options and can now feature background images to provide added design or potentially the image from a lead sponsor. A sidebar can also be added which provides space for extra instructions or to showcase a sponsor logo and information.

Product News Coming Soon

The above are just a few of the improvements but we’ve also spent a lot of time building out a new product and revolutionised our reporting system… news that we’ll be sharing with you soon!

Want stress-free registration at your next event?