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The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 6)


Wednesday, 07 July 2021
The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 6)

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - The Event Registration Form (part 6) - Payments

We charge our delegates to attend our conference, can we do this online?

Payment Gateways

Having a payment gateway linked to your registration form is necessary when taking payments for your conference or event. Having the option to use either your own payment gateway or your registration providers will allow you to handle financial transactions with ease throughout the registration process. There are a number of providers such as Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay and more.

Having the option to pay by invoice could also be available for your visitors as with some certain sectors/organisations access to credit cards can be difficult and PO’s will need to be raised in order to attend your conference.

Price List Items

There are a number of options that event and conference organisers may want to include, such as entry tickets or seminar bookings. Some items may need an 'early bird', or even a 'super early bird' price which changes to a 'standard' price once a date is reached. There are all sorts of other items that could be added, such as guide books or lunches.

Discount Codes

Allowing your attendees to enter discount codes is an expected option, and should be able to provide a variety of discount types. These can include offering a percentage off, setting the item to a specific price or giving a number of items for free (such as a 4 for 3 offer).

Financial Reporting

Being able to track which of your delegates have paid and have outstanding invoices and being able to reconcile these payments at the end of the registration process is essential. 

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I have bookable seminar sessions, can this form part of the registration process?

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