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The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 3)


Wednesday, 14 April 2021
The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 3)

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - The Event Registration Form (part 3) - Demographics

I have different ticket types and different options available for different visitor types? How can I streamline the process?

Alternative user journey depending on user responses

Configuring your registration form to allow for alternative user journey flows based upon the responses given by the user will allow for you to receive high quality, tailored data while creating a seamless visitor registration experience. This data will be highly valuable to marketeers allowing segmentation to be used at its best within your email marketing tool along with high quality year on year tracking of data to really get to know your audience and industry trends.

Multiple registration forms can also be used for different visitor types to allow press, VIPs, speakers etc to register through a different form to visitors.

How can I improve our marketing campaigns using my pre-registration data?

Demographics and Segments

Demographic questions have always formed part of the registration process although can you honestly say you use all the responses given and have you really thought about the questions you ask? Rethinking your demographic questions and using segmentation will mean you start using data gathered effectively by tailoring your marketing campaigns based upon individual interests. By tracking the data you collect year on year can provide valuable insight into your audience and into industry trends allow for you to tailor your events to the industry as it evolves.

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking…

Tracking where your registrations come from will give you a huge insight into which of your marketing campaigns are working and have the greatest impact on your audience. Have unique tracking codes for registration form links within your marketing campaigns along with affiliate tracking codes will allow for you to drill down into your data and tailor your campaigns to your audience.

Advanced Tracking - Co-Branded Exhibitor Registration Pages

Co-branded exhibitor registration pages allow for your exhibitors to have a unique registration page with their branding and information displayed. This allows your exhibitors to send out a unique trackable registration form to their customer base allowing you to enhance your marketing exposure by utilising your exhibitor networks.

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