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The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 2)


Wednesday, 03 March 2021
The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 2)

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - The Event Registration Form (part 2) - Accuracy and Validation

How can I improve the accuracy of my data collected through our registration form?

Mandatory Fields

Having mandatory fields on sections of your registration form will ensure that individuals complete all the essential fields and questions you ask allowing you to capture all the data required for year on year tracking and marketing purposes. It also ensures that visitors submit all information required for their badges and allows for duplicates to be recognised for when individuals register twice to the same event by mistake.

Built-in Data Validation

Ensuring your registration form features a number of data validation checks will improve data accuracy. From simply checking a required field is completed to more advanced validation including checking case is used correctly, telephone numbers are converted to the correct format based upon the country selected, email addresses are formatted correctly and are real (for example, the server actually exists and new email domain types such as .events, .london etc are valid) are all essential in improving data accuracy throughout the registration journey. If a user submits a made-up email address they will not receive their ticket or email confirmation reducing the possibility of them actually attending.

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Ensuring UK postcodes are validated by using a postcode look-up function and non-UK country addresses are collected in the format appropriate to that country will also ensure the data received is as clean and as accurate as possible with minimal user effort.

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