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The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 1)


Tuesday, 03 March 2020
The Ultimate Guide - The Event Registration Form (part 1)

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration - The Event Registration Form (part 1)

Pre-registration allows your visitors to submit their details, usually via a registration form, to register to attend your event. Many people working outside of the events industry may think this is a little over the top but your registration form can have a huge impact on the visitor journey throughout registration and can dramatically affect the quality of data that you receive on each individual. 

Well thought out forms will allow for high quality data on your audience to be collected improving your marketing campaigns effectiveness and improving registration to attendee conversion rates.

The Event Registration Form

When designing your registration form, the layout and questions you ask should be an exercise you plan out carefully while considering ‘what am I going to use the data I am collecting for’ and ‘how is this data going to improve my current and future marketing campaigns’? If the data you collect from your current form is just filed away and not tracked or used within your marketing campaigns then it may be time to rethink your registration form to really enhance the data you are collecting and how you use it. An overly long registration process can put some people off registering.

So… what does an event registration form look like?

A modern and visually appealing registration form tailored to your event is a must to allow for a seamless registration experience for your visitors. Being directed to a form which doesn’t look and feel like your event may give the wrong impression to your visitors and may result in abandoned registrations.

What features should your registration form include?

Your registration form should be customisable allowing you to collect all the contact details you require along with question responses for your data gathering and payment if required. Being able to register multiple visitor types whether by a single registration form or multiple forms is a must, allowing for visitors, speakers, VIP’s or exhibitors to all register their place at your event.

A non-negotiable in this day and age is mobile responsiveness as more and more event registrations are being completed on a mobile device. Having a form that doesn’t display properly on a mobile device or makes it difficult to complete the registration process directly from the user’s mobile will dramatically affect the number of abandoned registrations. Of course, a B2B event will still have large number of individuals registering at work on their desktop device but as more and more individuals work on the move being able to register from a mobile phone quickly and simply is a necessity.

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