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David Pearson

Maximising Exhibitor ROI - How event organisers can help


Friday, 16 March 2018


Maximising Exhibitor ROI - How event organisers can help

Last month we covered the reasons WHY lead recording is important to a show, not just for the exhibitors, but for the organiser. For Part 2 of the article, we look at first line follow-up, using the service offered to measure success, data security questions and how to bring your exhibitors on board with what’s on offer.

Exhibitor ROI Circle

Bringing your exhibitors on board

Taking as read that 'a lead capture process of some sort' is a must for an exhibitor – to benefit an event, how do we drive more exhibitors to think about the data flow through a show?

1.    Making it part of the sales process for a stand

Working closely with the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows over the last 4 years, we have run training sessions with the sales and account management teams as to what is on offer, how it can be used by exhibitors and the benefit to the exhibitor commercially to prepare an effective lead capture method.

For these events, it is now an embedded part of the process and we are now achieving a higher take up of lead recording on a consumer show than the industry accepted average for trade events.

2.    Education in the theory

Traditionally, organisers held prepare and training days for exhibitors, giving contractors and their own teams time to spend with each company to help them make the most out of the event.

In recent years, as budgets have been squeezed, this has fallen by the wayside – the pre-event contact is digital.

Tapping in to the confirmed exhibitors early with the theory behind the value of lead capture is vital. For those that hadn’t considered it, their eyes can be opened to the process, for those that already DO, it’s an opportunity to make greater use of the options available.

Help exhibitors set targets, set expectations, and put the tools in their hands to meet them.

3.    Staff training

Many exhibitors make the decision to use lead capture services at a management level and hand the devices/apps to the staff without training, targets and an understanding of the reasons.

The first part of training an exhibitor on how to use a scanner or app on their stand when we meet them is:

#1, if you don’t work it into what you’re doing on the stand, it’s not going to work for you.

There is always one exhibitor who brings their devices back at the end of an event with the line “I forgot to use it” or “I was too busy"... that highlights that the exhibitor hadn’t planned HOW it was fitting into their stand, whether they’ve taken too small a space, sent too few staff or not trained them in the exhibition environment and how to work it.

Training on working a stand space is available and the 5 minutes we spend with them on build-up is a start point. We offer group training for exhibitors in making the most out of their stand space from a data perspective.

The key message: You’ve spent money on a stand – when it comes to capturing data – 'nothing' isn’t an option.

·                     Get exhibitors thinking about data on events

·                     Provide the tools to help them increase their ROI

·                     Monitor visitor flow in and around your event

·                     Tailor the tools to their needs

Permissions – Lead recording and data law

GDPR compliant
Two questions we are regularly asked – “how does this fit with the data protection questions/statements we have on our registration forms” and “when do you email out the data?”

With regards to sharing data – it is a permission based system, visitors agree to have their pass scanned as part of a sales conversation. In essence it is a virtual business card, or the same as completing a form on a stand for more information.

However, it is worth making clear to visitors “if you agree to have your badge scanned by an exhibitor at the event, we will share your information with them securely”.

With the “when do you e-mail us the data” – we don’t. Quite simply, it’s not a secure medium and we require the exhibitor to log on securely to a site to view and download that data. For the same reasons we don’t encode full data in a barcode or QR Code on a badge, it is simply a reference link that when scanned connects the exhibitor and visitor.

JET Engage Scanner AppWith the Engage Scanner app (now updated) – the application requires a secure login on the device and there is a separate supervisor login to the online copy of the information. Exhibitors must ensure that there is adequate security on their own devices – a phone/tablet lock as used normally by day to day users is sufficient.

Where does the conversation go from here?

The first few challenges have been met – adding lead recording services to your event and getting exhibitors behind them as a route to improving their ROI.

They’ve downloaded their apps, they’ve been trained on their scanners, what can you do to support their follow-up?

The early bird catches the worm – in this case, the exhibitor in a particular sector who gets their message out earliest will get the first bite. Even a simple first line thank-you from the event itself, or immediately following it is enough to start the ongoing conversation. Visitors like and respect a thank you in return for giving their badge over.

Our Engage suite of app, scanner and online login allows exhibitors fingertip access to their data.

JET Ruler

Measuring your success?

Complementing our suite of registration, booking, e-mail broadcast, tracking and social media integration we are now including metrics measuring exhibitor response to our lead recording tools. Using NPS (Net Promoter Scoring) we constantly measure our success in building loyal long term lead recording clients.

Future newsletters from Jonas Event Technology will be covering our integration of NPS into our various touch points with both visitors and exhibitors and look in detail at how organisers can start gathering metrics for their own brand and events.

Consumer events

For those organisers working on consumer exhibitions, all of the above still holds true. There are greater challenges in the consumer audience – they are less likely to carry a business card, more likely to attend in pairs or family groups and historically, they don’t wear a barcoded badge to an event.

With modern events using e-ticketing and the readily available door scanning services meaning visitors do not have to give up their tickets on entry, lead capture is as possible as it is in the B2B area.

It requires a cultural change for how tickets are managed, but the advantage of giving each exhibitor on a consumer event access to their trade show counterparts reaps commercial dividends.

For information on how Jonas can help your event build a change, open up these options, help your exhibitors achieve more at your event... contact us.

Contact us to find out how we can help make your event a success!

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