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Matthew Rogers

JET Powered Event Reporting - Quarter 1 Update


Thursday, 05 April 2018


JET Powered Event Reporting - Quarter 1 Update

Here at Jonas Event Technology we have a quarterly Town Hall, basically a company briefing where we take a look at how we're doing across all areas of the business, look back at what we've achieved and also the direction we're heading. It helps to keep our staff updated with the current goals and strategies we're implementing to ensure we continue to offer the best possible service and products to our clients, and inspired by this, I thought I'd look at some of the numbers that interest me from our first quarter.

Our JET Reporting tool enables organisers to view their data clearly, from wherever they are - and I've used it to take a look at some stats from last year, and the first quarter of 2018. Some are quite useful (eg. when to send out marketing emails), others not so (eg. how many night owls do you have registering for your event?).

JET Fact #1 - 2017

JET Reporting Fact 1

2017statTo start with, let's take a look back at last year. We got JET Reporting to crunch the numbers to see the total number of registrations going through our system in 2017. The answer... around 200,000 more people than the total number of people who live in Cyprus. However, we can't promise that all the 1,349,689 people who registered were bathed in the 3,500 hours of sunshine that Cyprus offers its inhabitants!

However, what we do know is that they registered on one of our 428 JET Forms for 263 events, meaning an average of 5100 people registered for each event - a number which encompasses both the smaller conferences of around 300 people, up to our largest shows at upwards of 30,000 visitors! 2017 saw us provide registration at 88 venues across 11 countries in 3 continents. We certainly get out and about!

This Quarter

Q1 2018 JET Reporting Stats

Now onto this quarter. It's not just about getting the quality data needed with our JET Forms, but making sure we're there to help welcome your guests. JET Onsite, which is our front-of-house management and on-site registration solution has been busy this year - we've already worked with the organisers of 54 events at 32 venues across 5 countries, including the week highlighted below which saw us using 110 registration terminals at 10 events across 2 continents. Our on-site systems were completely revamped towards the end of 2017 and are being finely tuned as we continue through the year to offer the slickest solution yet for event registration.

A busy week

This year we've been asking our organisers to give us feedback using a net promoter score, a product we'll soon be able to offer to our organisers. How are we getting on? Well, our organisers are currently scoring us 8.8 out of 10! For an NPS score of 64! Want to get feedback from your visitors and exhibitors so you can be even better next year? Our net promoter score product could be just what you need!

JETFact #2 - #NightOwls

JETFact 2

I'll be honest with you, unlike our next #JETFact, this one isn't entirely useful, although I did find it interesting, but maybe that says more about me than anything else! I found that of all the registrations for our January 2018 events, 4% of those were between the hours of 12am-6am... probably best not to send that email campaign at 3am... but when best to send it? Well, that comes with the next fact...Night Owls Reporting Stat

JETFact#3 - #TargetBrunch

JETFact 3

So, when is the best time to target your event database with an email campaign asking them to register for the event? It turns out that there really is a difference between events as can be seen below. For example, the first graph shows a lot of registrations around 4pm, whereas the second graph shows a large number of registrations happening first thing in the morning.

This is really useful information as it can be used to target your potential visitors. Is it best to send a campaign later in the afternoon, or to target your audience first thing in the morning? JET Reporting can give you these insights and JET Connect, our email marketing solution, can help you send them. We found that 11am was the key time on average for our events across February, but events are specific to their audience.

JET Reporting - best time to email graphJET Reporting - when best to email graph 2

As we've experienced events similar to yours before we can provide a seamless experience for your visitors and exhibitors. We can give you the tools to work out when to email your potential visitors in order to increase attendance, and we can give you the the solution to generate those emails.

Contact us to see how we can help you put on the ultimate event.

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