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Matthew Rogers

JET Powered Event Reporting - Attendance Tracking


Thursday, 05 July 2018


JET Powered Event Reporting - Attendance Tracking

It's over half way through the year meaning I've got another round-up, this time taking a look at the numbers from the second quarter of 2018 and another couple of #JETFacts! Of course, I'm using our JET Reporting tool which enables organisers to view their data clearly, from wherever they are - now with real-time attendance tracking! 

This Quarter

This quarter we’ve been busy again, with 57 events happening across the months of April, May and June. Our JET Onsite team were at 26 different venues across 5 countries, including a couple of new ones, like the MOC in Munich and Grace Hall, London. With live event attendance tracking, we know we welcomed 140,579 visitors to these shows during this quarter, from the smaller conferences in their hundreds to large trade shows in their thousands.

2018 Q2 Stats

JET Fact #4 - #KingOfTheOffice

JETFact 4

We decided to take a look at the different job titles that have passed through our systems, and, with the Royal Wedding taking in place in May, one stuck out more than most - the person who registered themselves as King of The Office. It made us wonder what other 'Royalty' we had registering for our shows. Although, none of them were actually in line for the throne, we did have the King of Everything, the King of Coffee, the King of the Actual World, and two King's of Awesomeness. There were much fewer people registering as a Queen, but we did have 26 Princesses! Unfortunately for them, there were no Princes! Not one! Luckily for them, we did have two Toad’s!

JET Fact #5 - #AirMiles

JETFact 5

With attendance tracking meaning we are now able to track a visitor from registration form to attendance (and soon to go back through the visitor journey to include email campaigns with JET Connect) we decided to take a look at the number of different nationalities we welcomed through the doors in May. This number was 77, nearly 40% of all countries represented! From Australia (35 attendees) to Zimbabwe (just the 1!).

Obviously, the majority of visitors and exhibitors are from within the UK, with Ireland the second highest outside of this. The closest European countries to us, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands all occupy the top 6. Further afield, of the 32 qualified countries for the World Cup, 24 of them were represented at least at one of our events, the only countries that didn't provde attendees were Iran, Morocco, Peru, Croatia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama and Senegal.

So, if you want to find out either of the above, or, more likely, more useful insights, then contact us to see how we can help you put on your best event yet!

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