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How to choose where to host an event (part 2)


Tuesday, 24 March 2020
How to choose where to host an event (part 2)

What should you consider when choosing where to host your exhibition or trade show?

Last month we discussed some of the points to consider when choosing where to host your exhibition or trade show (if you missed it, you can read part one here). This month we take a look at some more things to take into consideration to make sure you get the perfect venue for your event.

What facilities and services does your trade show or exhibition venue need?

All venues make it clear what services/facilities they can provide for you, so be sure to check what your ideal location does offer you, and note down what they can’t. For example, some venues will have kitchen services and/or food catering partners and therefore offer their additional services at a lowered price. While others will demand that you ONLY use their catering services – which may not be quintessential, if you had your eyes set on another company to deal with that.

I also alluded to marketing services last month in the ‘budget’ section, but other facilities/services include a high-quality acoustics and sound system, up-to-date technology, indoor and outdoor seating, accessible bathrooms, cleaning crew, setting up crew and don’t forget, making sure the Wi-Fi is up to scratch.

Planning the parking situation for your trade show or exhibition venue

It’s rare parking can make or break your final decision on the venue, but it’s another important aspect to contemplate. In fact, the parking situation could be a real snag for the guests on the day, so I urge you to raise your own concerns about this just a tad. At or around the venue, there needs to be a large amount of parking spaces available, and they also shouldn’t be at extortionate prices.

The venue may have some on-site at an extra fee which will bode well for most visitors, or the option of parking somewhere within close proximity at a reasonable cost. Does the venue have valuable, accessible parking close to the venue? If so, that’s a criterion you can no longer worry about.

Consider the transport links to your exhibition or trade show venue

Earlier I mentioned that as long as the event has a huge enticement, then people will flock in their droves to it. However, I did state that it needs to be ‘reachable’, which is a ridiculously easy task for anyone trying to get to London, Birmingham or Manchester, for example. Train stations, airports and prominent motorways are quite literally on the doorstep for some of the biggest venues in the UK. However, if you are opting for a venue which doesn’t have those transport links in abundance, then carry out further research on where your guests will be coming from, and how they can reach the venue. You want to make sure you minimise the chance of people not turning up to the event due to it being a logistical mishap.

Accessibility at your exhibition or trade show venue

Regardless of whether you are expecting guests with special needs or not, you must make sure the venue has the right facilities to make it accessible for everyone. The long list of things you need to check may include; wheelchair access, disabled parking, platform lift, accessible toilets, appropriate seating, dietary requirements, emergency evacuation procedures, guide dogs and more.

All venues should clearly state their accessibility facilities, or their customer service team can answer any concerns you may have regarding this.

Does your trade show or exhibition venue need a certain aura?

An extension from the layout is the mood and ambience of the venue. Size is important, layout even more so, but let’s not forget the style. The environment of your event needs to be in tone with what your trade show encompasses. Are you looking for a glitzy and glamorous backdrop? Or a more conventional and historical setting?

Admittedly, not a crucial decision, but still an important facet for you to take time to ponder on.

These are the things we think need to be considered when choosing a venue, we hope it's been helpful. Do let us know if there is anything we have missed.

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