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Matthew Rogers

Data Capture App Updates for Engage Scanner


Thursday, 01 March 2018


Data Capture App Updates for Engage Scanner

Engage your exhibitors

Engage Scanner has been around for a year now and has been a great success, helping thousands of exhibitors get a return on their investment at hundreds of events, and in turn, making sure they continue to exhibit year after year. 

We're not one to rest on our laurels though, so we've continued to improve the industry's number one data capture platform. Engage Scanner had some new years resolutions... to see more and to listen better... and it hasn't taken long to achieve them. The updated app now features the option of recording voice notes and taking photos alongside the personalised qualifers and text notes that were already possible, ensuring the best solution; whatever the business needs and sales methods. 

Features include:

Lead Generation - A super-fast scan of the visitors badge stores their information immediately - making the most of that valuable exhibiting time.

Simple set-up and use - Download. Log-in. Scan. It’s as easy as that.

Qualify leads - Exhibitors can capture leads, view their data immediately, make notes, set relevant questions and now take photos and record voice notes!

Reassuringly reliable - Temporarily without a data connection? Don’t worry, your data is safe and will upload securely as soon as a data connection is reestablished.

Real-time data - The sales team back at the office can view data in real-time and start following up leads within seconds!

But what about GDPR? - There is also no need to worry about GDPR, we've got it all covered. To cover the requirements of GDPR, we have actioned the following:

  • Each visitor and exhibitor will be made fully aware of the process - our registration forms are clear about the requirements and have to be acknowledged in order to enter the event. For a visitor and exhibitor, it's the same as passing a business card over.
  • The delivery of leads comes through our secure website. 
  • Using the app helps to highlight the audit trail - giving a clear understanding of where the data has come from, something that could get lost with written notes and business cards.


Will your exhibitors be happy with this data capture solution? We asked exhibitors like yours for their feedback. All the responses were received from our NPS (net promoter score) product.

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Looking to capture leads quickly and easily?
"Hassle free way of getting leads - no lost pieces of paper. You get all the information you need in a sortable form without having to waste time on the stand"

Want to make sure your leads are followed up?
"First class service and easy to access the sales leads via the online portal!"

Want to save time?
"Very useful piece of kit, saved lots of time and data inputting. Also created a talking point and was invaluable scanning visitor data"

No business cards? No Problem.
"At this particular show, not many visitors had business cards, so without a scanner it would have been almost impossible to log or confirm their full details so quickly"

Don't want business cards? No Problem.
"Great way to capture leads without hampering them for business cards

Worried about being intrusive?
"Quick, easy and helpful - no-one seemed to mind being scanned, and saves huge amounts of time collecting business cards etc which may be lost"

Give your exhibitors an app that will make their data capture quick and easy. Everything they need to make their time at your event a success. Contact us to find out more.


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